A Question About Gears Of War Static Mesh

Hello, I decided to have a look at Gears of War for some design inspiration and what techniques are used to create some of the static meshes. What I have noticed so far is that it is very hard to tell exactly how some of the walls and pillars have been made because they are so detailed.

So I have a basic map it is a house with basic meshes such as walls windows doors. I looked at my map and noticed it is missing those little details. Here is an example of a Gears Map that is highly detailed:

My question is how are those details added? Are they added on top of the basic wall mesh in UE or are they all sculpted in a 3D application?

Here is an example of the details I mean:


You’d probably expect that on top of a door frame or something like that. So how are these detailed meshes added? Are they just placed on top of the basic wall meshes in UE or are they a whole mesh made in a 3D application?

Thanks any help would be great :slight_smile:

I suspect someone else will step in with a whole lot more info than me, but I remembered being inspired by these threads a while back…

From good old ZBC… Have a dig about on there and you’ll find more.

ZBC GoW interview + character & environmental art links.