A question about Axis Rotation !

Hi all !
Well, when I use “RotateVectorAroundAxis”, the axis is the direction based upon the “axis point” (which I set with a vector variable) and the scene origin.
I’m targetting to make a rotation with an axis which direction would be based upon 2 points I would choose.
So : is this possible ?

Sorry, Im not quite sure if I understood your problem, could you provide a visual representation?

Hi !
Well,I can rotate the blue sphere location (named “point” on the pic), using the red sphere location (named “axis”) as an axis.
The cones show the result of these rotations.
The line trace shows the axis of the rotation, going from the red sphere location to the scene origin.
I would like to get an axis going from the red sphere location to another point but the scene origin.


Any clue ?
Thanks !