A question about activation.

I still havent both it yet because from what i understand after you download the engine you have to conect from it to internet and activate it with your account ore something like that.Am i right?If so is there some kind of a offline activation?The thing is that i have just configured a new workstation pc which doesnt have a antivirus and its not conected to internet and im not planing to do so because its very tuned with only the necesary software to work and nothing else.I have a laptop which i do use for internet.Is it possible to download unreal 4 with it and copy the (i supose its a installer) from my laptop on usb and put it in my workstation and have it activated offline?
Many thanks Epic.

There’s not an activation process, but the executable file you receive upon subscribing is the Unreal Engine Launcher, which then downloads and installs the latest version.

So, you’ll need temporary internet access to download and install it. But once it’s installed, it will work offline forever - there’s no DRM.

Many thanks and an honor to have a response from you Tim!Ok.I can manage a temporary conection(it wont kill me for a 30min) but what about the update fixes?Do i have to conect again to install them ore are they going to be something like a patch exe that i can download ore are they difrent versions of the unreal launcher and i have to uninstal the last version and instal the new?(like udk)