A Prototype Game I'd think would be Excellent but Hard Work

I understand that laying out the concepts for a game does not require advanced intelligence but actual game design with the UE4 engine at the professional level does.

This game is a game which combines Fighting and Shooting as well as MMO abilities. The physics of the game would represent a mix of some basic Kickboxing moves and grappling. But the physics would also need to support a mix of Halo and Duty FPS style combat but in both 3rd and 1st person. In third person it would also need to support the changing between Fighting, Shooting, and MMO style combat.

3rd person Fighting would involve balanced kickboxing moves including elbows and low blows. The fighting system supports the grappling system. This means that when you are in Fighting stance you can start a grapple. The grappling system would support UFC grapples, takedowns, and ground fighting(all with strikes). This game would not however play like EA’s MMA game. It would actually be played more like Mortal Kombat except with way less moves. It is however in 3D where the players cycle through targets just like they do in EA’s wrestling games. When the players are grappling the grappling has a reversal and all the moves execute without reversal unless the reversal was timed correctly before the move was “pressed”. When the grappling players are striked the grapple ends with both players on the ground on their back. Players on the ground can be kicked or mounted.

The 3rd person MMO style combat would function just like WoW does where you click a character to select him as your target and use cooldowns. When I used to play WoW I used to use a plugin called Dominoes which would allow me to lay my abilities in a paperclip or a box around my character which I wish I had a screenshot to demonstrate. I would imagine that there are plenty of MMO abilities that are yet to be discovered that Blizzard has never shared with anyone as they did not find them either balanceable or releasable yet for their flagship. I don’t see a use for more complicated MMO abilities in this game. I just want six. A melee attack that generates a combo point. A ranged attack that generates a combo point but does not have a cast bar but has a cooldown of ten seconds. A melee attack which takes 3 combo points but deals 50 percent extra damage. A ranged attack which deals 100 percent extra damage and has a 2 second cast. A stun which takes five combo points. And a “get out” of stun which takes 3 combo points.

The shooting part of the game is mainly based around the weapons the players have. They basically have a pistol, shotgun and machine gun. There are no sniper rifles as I have never liked sniper rifles in any game except for Halo where it is actually viable because of the shields. The aiming system will have a strong reticule which will “home-in” as Halo’s reticule does. The characters will also move about as slow as they do in Halo Reach. There will also be shoulder aiming which will increase damage. The characters will have twenty times more health and have low clip sizes and only three clips. There are no grenades or rocket launchers or perks or kill streaks. Shooting is done in either 3rd or 1st person.

This game is supposed to be a ground breaking Moba/Shooting/Fighting game. I’m calling it part Moba because the most deadly way to kill other characters is triggering six abilities with either hotkeys or by clicking Dominoes on the screen which you can lay wherever you want. The second most deadly way to kill other characters is dirty kickboxing and muay thai and mounting. The easiest way to deal some damage to another player is to shoot them with weapons you pick up on the map. You start out with a pistol that has two clips and seven shots that kills a character in four clips. A shotgun kills a player in two shots but only have one clip when you pick them up. A machine gun kills a player if you hit them with all three clips.

And that is precisely what is wrong with ideas.
How you would replicate all that martial arts attacks in mmo game without ruining internet for everybody else?
Look at Tera, it probably has closest (in mmos) combat mechanics to what you want achieve, yet its very far from it, and on release it was pushing what is possible for mmo.
It is not about what you do with numbers, it is about how you replicate (send to everybody who needs) them fast for sometimes hundreds of clients.
Very often great ideas just cannot be implemented. For eg. “Stable mmo economy” is best idea ever, yet nobody could code it is game.

Well what I want to know about replication at my level of study is basically how could I do it with just an animated character running around that has no connection to physics besides sliding around jumping. What I’m calling replication is the storing of variables on a server and what the players see on their screen in a multiplayer game involving collision triggers that change variables and clicking on things to change variables. I can program a single player MMO basically I believe where I’m clicking on the HUD.

Basically I want to Start off designing a single player game which just involves a character sliding around and jumping. Then add inventory. Then add how he shoots and deals damage with a simple projectile and a strike. Then add chests that produce a HUD. Then add an inventory so that when I click the chest’s items they disappear from the chest and appear in my inventory. Then I want to add an equipment screen which adds the weapons and armor to his body which decreases damage he takes and increases damage he deals and counts how much gold he has in his inventory. Then I want to make vendors which he spends his gold at to buy new items.

Then I’d basically want to make the multiplayer version which basically just has more of the same character running around the map fighting each other taking things out of chests and putting them on while spending their gold at guarded towns and putting things in the bank.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to design for multiplayer from the beginning, even though you create it as a singleplayer experience first, adding that in later is a nightmare.

I was thinking that I would start off by writing the system that allows players to slide a cube around the map in online multiplayer. Then change that cube to a physics based animation system. Then add weapons/combat. Then add the HUD and menus. That’d be all I’d need.