A project for improving your portfolio

Project Name: Selko Trail

Cypress game studios are currently looking for anyone that is willing to participate in a project in their free time for those wanting to improve a promising portfolio. The workload is already laid out, and currently at a halfway point of releasing.

We all get that feeling writing that summary so many times so lets change that to a picture to give you an idea.


What we are aiming for

3D models we aim for being similar to the same culture as Japanese style in an abandoned tone to it, basic inventory system and AI system something simple for a quick and easy little adventure game.


We are currently looking for…

Programmer C++ or Unreal Blueprint
To make the game playable and implement the features that are planned to be in the game.
Requirements: Has an understanding use of either Visual Studios C++ or Blueprint Unreal Engine.

Environmental artist
Who can provide environment assets, UV mapping, and texture for the asset that will be placed in the game.
Requirements: Experience with 3D modeling software (your preference) knows how to UV map and realistic materials PBR.

If you are interested to send an application or want more info check out our contact page here

Last update photo report

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Are you sure you don’t need some extra sound design and/or music? I’m a Full Sail University student looking for some portfolio content!

Here’s a small sample of some of the music I’ve made. There’s only three here, but I have done lots more. These are mastered for vinyl so they might be kind of quiet!

Shea Thompson