A procedurally generated FPS Parcore Shooter: Two Guns, Two Goals

guys im so pumped right now.

ive been making a game thats basically karlson and titan fall combined. you have two guns, an AR and a pistol, both have an ability (AR gets a sniper mode, pistol lets you recoil back and forth), and you have two goals. im still deciding what those two goals would be, because I have no idea honestly. the thing im going for is just a full dive into the game without having to wait for loading screens. you also have a grappling action, so you can grapple to objects (for now there’s no swing, but I might change that in the future or set it to a toggle). im new to the engine, but am learning really fast. its been 6 months almost and im doing well on my first game.

it was going very badly for a long time. however, in the past month and a Half, ive been absolutely popping off.

I figured out procedural generation with instanced meshes, and ive managed to create something that quite literally has ZERO DROP in fps when it spawns a level.

you see that giant thing there? thats the size comparison of ONE LEVEL and the default shooter level. to scale. THAT generates instantaneously with no drop in fps. as in 0.0000000 fps. ITS INSANE. that means I can procedurally spawn levels DURING GAMEPLAY with NO lag worries. im loving this right now. and ive made it intuitive enough that you can change the probablity of different meshes and add different ones SUPER EASILY. here’s the code, for anyone who wants to use some procedural generation

other than that, I fully 3d modeled all the models I need for the game. ive been using the military characters assets as placeholders, and I hated them, but NOW I have my style the way I want it. I modeled it in nomad sculpt, but sadly you cant export the textures on there so im still yet to do them. ill post when im done. but its a very cubic style, so everything is just rectangular prisms only. it sounds unappealing, but with a metallic texture it looks REALLY nice.

quite pog, thats all I have to say. im gonna actually start updating people on this, because so far I have not made one post describing it.