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Arteries is a procedural modeling toolkit base on UE4 blueprint. By using this plugin you can implement the whole modeling procedure in UE4 blueprint graph without any other modeling software.

To implement a modeling procedure is rather simple. Just creating a blueprint inherited from ArteriesActor and implement its OnBuild event. In the event graph you can create a serial of different geometry operation nodes and any logic you want to build the final geometry.


  • Runtime generation.
  • Multi-threaded.
  • Most of common geometry operations.
  • Per Point/Primitive/Geometry lua code snippet for custom operations.
  • Point/Primitive group.
  • Point/Primitive custom attributes.
  • Tangent space and UV coordinates generation.
  • Procedural static mesh instancing.
  • Full source code provided.

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This plugin has been released!

Is there a simple way to “Set Primitive Group” without using the “Execute” command? It appears that a lot functionality is hidden inside “Execute” using undocumented code. I wouldn’t even know about it if it wasn’t for the sample project, so thank you for that.

There is a **GroupRange **operation which groups primitives by their IDs. Lua snippet is more flexible for complex filters and logic. Sorry for the rough documentation, we are still improving it.:slight_smile:


The executable demo


good job!!!!!!!!!!!