A problem with jumping through platforms

I’ve recently been working on a blueprint for platforms that allow the player jump through them, like in many platforming games such as Super Mario, Sonic, Kirby, etc.

However, when I try to compile the blueprint, I get an error message that reads:

“Warning ‘Side Scroller Character’ does not inherit from ‘Primitive Component’ ( Cast To SideScrollerCharacter would always fail).”

I have no idea what this “Primitive Component” is, or what its role is in the problem that is preventing the blueprint from working properly, so any insight into what this error could be would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: I got a response that informed me I had mistakenly hooked up Overlapped Component into Cast To SideScrollerCharacter instead of Other Actor, I also noticed that the New Type on the Set Collision Enabled connected to OnComponentEndOverlap (Box) wasn’t set to “No Collision”. I made the necessary changes, and while it got rid of the error message, it did not however fix the main problem of being unable to jump through the one-way platforms as I intended.