A problem in level blueprint

hii im facing this prob that i have 2 doors in my level and i use enabling and disabling input method the prob is that when i move towards the first door, it enables its input but when i press E it also opens the other door so its like when i enable input it enables all the inputs in level not only that specific input that im colliding with so if anybody now what should i do here, is there any way around so that only that specific input enables when I collide with specific trigger

Instead of using enable/disable input nodes you can use a Gate after E event > connect begin overlap to open > connect end overlap to close > and finally connect the output of that Gate to MultiGate.

waooo thanks man i dont know what logic it used to do this but it does its magic now it open as i wanted it to…if u dont mind can u explain the logic behind this gate thing so i can use it further when ever i need it

Gate node is self explanatory really, it opens and closes whenever you tell it to, and nothing goes through it when it is closed. This is also useful when you want to use tick event or loops only at specific time periods or events. In your occasion begin overlap opens the gate and when the gate is open the rest of the network receives input; end overlap closes the gate and that prevents input from passing through.

thnx i got it now

Had the same problem, and now it works perfectly. Thanks Jacky!