a problem about exporting animation from MAYA

Hi Friends:
I’ve finished an anim in maya, by using constraints and “set driven key”, it finially uses a single curve object’s X trasition to control the animation, when the curve’s X transition grows from 0 to 20, the change of joints will complete an anim sequence.
I can choose several key frame, for each key frame, “key” the value of curve’ X, but this doesn’t work if I tried to export the anim and use it in UE4, after it become FBX file, only the control cube moves but not those joints…

My questions are
    1 Do I need to "key" all joints' transition/rotation for each key frame? Is there any easier way? I tried to key the "transition" and "rotation" for each joint in each frame, but after "key" them, a lot of  constraint are broken, I cannot even drag the arm to a new pose with no ill pose...
    2 What is the "right" way to export an anim sequence, I simply want a anim sequence, for this case, it is a sword slashing anim.....


here is the anim’s snapshot, it is totally driven by a curve’s x transition (that cube curve)

here is the standard HeroFPP’s jump anim exported from UE4, I opened it in maya, you can see the joints’ paramemter are keyed, I just don’t know how to let my joints got keyed for each key frame…

ping… can anyone give a help…

If you use the FBX exporter ( so literally when you’re exporting the animation from Maya ), it automatically bake a key on each bone for each frame, so in UE4 you should have exactly the same animation as in Maya.

Yesterday I exported a rig which ( in Maya ) has no keyframes at all ( driven by orient and position constraint ) and I bake the animation itself while I was exporting, and imported in UE4 everything worked out fine.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

have the same problem here, plus the set driven key i had for the facial animation had gone… that makes my character can’t blink!
seems the FBX only works with SIMPLE constraints Hierarchy

figured the way to solve it…
1- export only the Full joints animation by selecting its ROOT and select its hierarchy then export the selection… uncheck all the inclusion of FBX exportion except the Animation and turn on the “bake animation”
2- import it as usual in animation Section… then got to the skeleton of your character … select the ROOT and rightclick: “Recursively Set Translation to Selected Animation”
should work fine from there