A prefab deployable Base....Is it possible?

Hello, I’m new to modding I’ve released a few very simple mods. I was wanting to work on a mod that creates a prefab base that can just be placed somewhere. It would have the basics fireplace, smithy, forge, etc already inside. An instant base if you will.

Is this possible, where would I start?
Any help is appreciated.

The way it works now, not really. Each piece is a separate blueprint. IE: Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Door etc. Each with it’s own functionality. Yeah, you could build a structure on the bp out of say 10 floors a bunch of walls and ceilings and place it in the world fine. The issue would be what that unless you based the main base structure off the doorframe/windowframe/hatchframe, there would be no way to attach a working door/window/hatch since a door/window/hatch has it’s own bp that handles it’s functionality.

I’m been working on something similar.

I’ve been constructing buildings piece by piece with vanilla structures through blueprint that behave exactly as if someone built them in game. If you’re familiar with coding in general then you can do it, but if you’re not then it’s going to give you a headache and a half.

My work flow looks like this:
(1) I go into the devkit and push play.
(2) I built a structure using the pre-set hotkeys for adobe structure pieces.
(3) I hit TAB and type “showlog”
(4) After the structure is built I damage one of the adobe foundations with a sword.
(5) I have a blueprint that I made that searches for a damaged foundation.
(6) Once “that” foundation is found, it prints info for each piece of the structure to the log console. Stuff like location / rotation / structure type / etc…
(7) I copy and paste the data from the log to a text file outside of the editor.
(8) I then have to manually build an array for each one of those structure pieces into a blueprint by hand.

That’s just to get the data about the structure. Placing and rebuilding the structure in game via blueprint will give you an even bigger headache.

So yeah, you can do it, but it’s not a task for the feint of heart by any means. I’ve already put 150 - 200 hours into doing all of that and there’s still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done :frowning: