A possible solution to end the C# vs C++ debate

As many former Unity developers I hoped C# was someday implemented, then I started to understand where Epic was going with bluprints and C++ and followed their suggestions, and I am now quite satisfied. I basically prototype most of the things in Blueprints and then code them to C++ when I am happy. This is slower than scripting but it somehow fits the goal…

Then I remembered a feature I saw in another much smaller engine a while ago and went back to check it.

The Engine is called Esenthel, and basically the author has created a scripting language which is very very close to C#, with in editor Intelllisense and debugging, that compiles natively to C++

Since Epic is now working on a Blueprint to C++ native converter (as announced in the 4.9 preview video) maybe it would be worth checking this out and see if they could license the editor or do their own version…

heres the link to documentation and video.

and here the differences with C#

Hope this can be of help…