A possible Planar Reflections Bug in 4.13.1


It seems that the Planar Reflections are not working correctly anymore. I do have PRs while Editing but as soon as i go into PIE they vanish. I am using the github Version 4.13.1.

Other users have reported the same issue.

With an other build of the Engine (4.12.x) Planar Reflections are working correctly.


Hi ,

Are you by chance referring to the planar reflection representation that’s in the editor while you’re working? This isn’t supposed to be visible while in Game mode. If you’re referring specifically to the reflections not being present it may be better to post a screenshot of the issue to using just a reflective material and a couple of actors above the surface to be captured.

I’ve used Planar Reflections in 4.13 without issue so far that I can see. If you’re not seeing any reflection above the surface while in editor, by hitting G for game view mode, or in PIE that’s something different that I’ve not yet experienced.

Let me know.