A* Pathfinder Blueprint for Grid-based game

Hi, everyone. I am making a A* Pathfinder Blueprint for Grid-based game.
Below are some screenshots.

In the above images, the path are shown by the double circle mark.

In blueprint, I call a function Find Path XY, which input the starting point (x, y) and the goal (x,y).
The function will return a list of (x, y) values so that I can get the path from starting point to the goal.

Does anyone interested in this A* Pathfinder Blueprint?
If yes, will you buy it in marketplace?


There are more grid pathfinders on marketplace for turn based games. And a free sample game by Epic.

May I ask which free sample game by Epic contains grid pathfinders?
Thank you.

you can find it in Launcher / Learn / Gameplay Concepts : Turn Based Strategy

Thank you. I have found that the link about the sample game in UE4 doc is broken. (Gameplay Concept Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation)
Do you know where can I find the tutorial?

yeah I found that too… it was a training stream, so must be available on youtube or maybe on twitch too.

Well, I would be interested to see how you have implemented it. :slight_smile: