A.P.T.S. Assisted Partial Targeting and Dismemperment system

Assisted Partial Targeting System allows tactical targeting of the body parts with dismemberment for any characters with any skeleton.
List of features:

  • slow motion with smooth auto targeting;
  • accuracy calculations based on obstructions, including other body parts;
  • special action for misses and critical strikes with switching to side view;
  • works with moving characters and meshes in sockets;

Similar to “CharacterMovement Component”, the “A.P.T.S. Component” allows to achieve quick setup for new characters, since the whole logic is implemented into character automatically after linking hotkey events. Everything is done with Blueprints, no C++ involved. Commented code with categorized functions.

Project on the marketplace

This is interesting. How easy is it to turn off the assisted aim aspect of this while retaining the body part specific damage?

will be updated to 4.18?

Yeah, within a couple of days.