A ouestion about blueprint scripting

I am sorry if I offended somebody but I need to ask a question about AI development .If I want to create an AI that depicts real human nature depending on tress factor ow it analyzes and displays a random behavior predefined by me. If it is possible then how?
Another question that I have is where should I learn visual scripting so that I am not needed to always google anything to understand what any person at the answerhub means to say .
i.e. How do I either mug up the nodes and their uses along with what each of them performs . Can anybody suggest a good book or an A-Z tutorial on visual scripting . The book can be voluminous doesn’t really matter . Thanks to those who respond in advance…
Please don’t be offended if I respond late to any of your posts to this thread

There’s a Learn tab right at the top of this site with tons and tons of documentation and video tutorials, and there are even more video tutorials on UnrealEngine’s youtube channel:

Yeah definitely go through the Epic’s channel and watch all the blueprint videos. There’s a getting started section, start there :slight_smile:

A thousand thanks to both of you to help me out. I will definitely checkout this playlist . If JParent and savagebeasty bothof you have any other suggestion for me please let them coming. Thanks again.