A Nordic Tale - A RTS Game by Dark Energy

We are Dark Energy Studio and we developer a brand new RTS game - “A Nordic Tale”.
The team consists of 3 people with years of experiences in game development.

About the game
The game’s purpose is to build a settlement, protect it and manage it. Our game will include a diplomatic system so the player would have the ability to create an alliances and wars, trade and help to other civilizations in the game world.
The player starts the game in Scandinavia, when 4 Vikings come from the sea to new land and build there a small village to start a new colony.
The enemys are skeletons that already took over the place.

What we have already created
Well, We are at 40% of the game. We got many systems such as building system, viking system, camera system, animations, models and many more!

We have 60% of the models - skeletons, buildings and many more.
We need people who know to create humanoid models and animations to help us (For payment of course).

Few pictures



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We love to see your support,
Dark Energy Studio.

I really like the design of the skeleton characters, especially the warrior with it’s animations is very “fun” (it’s hard to describe the look, it’s both cute and humorous, but dangerous looking at the same time). I look forward to seeing some gameplay :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

These models are from a purchaseable pack… nice…^^

I don’t see anything wrong with it.

You show a picture of the UE4 starter content fire and UE4 starter content smoke… Not very professional :rolleyes: For having 60% of all the models I would expect to see a bit more of your own creations.