"A Nordic Tale" - 3D Environment Artist/Level Designer

A Nordic Tale


A group of Vikings were sent North to conquer new lands.
Sailing for many days, they eventually discovered the perfect land, unaware that a life long curse on the land they were going to inhabit had turned the native, dead population into dead-walkers.
Now reawakened, the native dead-walkers have one primary objective- the elimination of the Viking settlement.

[ul][li]RTS gameplay[*]King Control - a whole new way for the player to take the reins, allowing a Third Person Action gameplay by playing the King position on ground. This allows the player to fully experience the epic battles that the RTS genre has to offer [/ul] [/li]
We are approaching public testings, and we want to get the game as ready as we can towards our GreenLight launch.

What we have already accomplished:
[li]Viking and Skeleton models - Characters & Buildings[/li][li]Game Music[/li][li]RTS and Third Person Action game mechanics[/li][li]Working UI[/li][li]A successful IndieGoGo campaign to fund the production[/li][/ul]

Team Structure**:**
Udi - Lead C++ gameplay/mechanics programmer, co-creator

Jordan - C++/Blueprint implementation, UI, co-creator

Talent Required:
3D Environment Artist/Level Designer

[ul][li]Some experience with Level Design []Ability to create 3D Environment Props []Ability to create hand-paint textures []Ability to participate in weekly progression meetings []Ability to post news to media: Facebook and Twitter [/ul] [/li][li]Understanding that the success of the game is dependent on good work[/li][li]Understanding that we are looking to add talent to our team rather than having a contract. As the project is getting to a stable release, we feel more comfortable asking that (rather than a non-existing project). [/li]

Skype: Through email or PMs

Bump this up… still open. It is a solid project. We have gone far beyond the idea stage; we do have a working prototype

looking nice (= good luck