A noob needs help with simple blueprints

Hi my name is Sarah, I need help with Blueprints on Unreal Engine 4 to create the mouse and sprite controls for my weapon like the Enter The Gungeon game. a push in the right way would help a lot. thanks! I made a video with a simple explaining. Thanks!

Link: Explaining - YouTube

(Also, i made more sprites that look in all directions )

Thankssssssssss ^^

Start with the same idea but using a controller.
once that works, then the idea with the mouse is much the same.

In essence.

  1. establish a value that rotates your character. Normally in 3d this would be the root bone rotation. You inject unto it from the animation BP with a modify bone or rotate root. Same result, but there is a specific node for it.

  2. get the character BP to change the rotation value by User Input * Speed of Rotation value (which you can customize).
    Since the input from a controller can be a value between -1 and 1 - unlike input from a keyboard key press which is directly either 0 Or 1 - you will get something that will also start to work with a mouse.

  3. the muse.
    Use the convert mouse location to world space node to get a starting spot.
    use a look at node to get the rotation value. you only need Z btw, to rotate the root.

You may need to run a trace from the mouse location to get a meaningful result, because of the way you have the level currently setup.
You may have a better / easier time going with a more accurate replica of the game you like the behavior of
And/or turning the camera, not the floor.

Hey Sarah, Like you im in the same boat, completely new to UE4, watching your video, instantly came to my mind a course that i took not long ago from Udemy, If you cant afford the course it sucks, but if its something that is viable to you, in the course they make 3 Games, the third one is exactly the system you are looking for, and they will teach you how to make it right.

I know im no much help telling you to watch the course, but i really can’t think of anything better for you, since its Exactly what you want to do.

Keep in mind Udemy has Sales every week or other week, so only buy it on sale as it will cost around 10$.

Hope this helps.