A Noob getting some errors and issues here.


I’ve just started using UE and I’m having some issues.

1.- Any idea of what’s going on here?


If I move the Window and put it back where it was the shadow appears properly. But UE need to rebuild the lighting after that movement so it goes back to the bad shadow. :confused:


2.- I tried following an Skybox and HDRI tutorial and from that point I started getting these error messages. But before the tutorial there were no errors. Besides these errors are not present on my scene, there is no black indirect lighting. What is StaticMesh Property?. My scene looks and works the same but those error messages annoy me!. :mad:


The items UE is referring to are two walls in my scene, previously imported and compiled (builded or whatever) with no errors.


Looks like your meshes don’t have a 2nd uv map assigned to them. To use baked lighting each mesh must have a 2nd channel with a non-overlapping uvmap. It’s going to be used by unreal for the lightmap (storing shadows informations).

When you move the light your shadows falls back to the preview mode which use dynamic shadows (they don’t use lightmaps).