A newbie (I hate that word!) with a problem

I’ve had UE for 2 days now and did something I now regret. I am used to inches, feet, miles, etc rather than the metric system, so I went in and changed something somewhere that I 'thought" would switch me to the old system. Now I find when I enter values into the X,Y & Z settings under details, it REALLY messes everything up. I deleted the project and started over, but the changes I made apparently are global (?) and when I try to scale or locate objects (using data from the tutorials), my figures are way off.

I unsuccessfully tried to find where I’d made the changes, to reset them, but got nowhere with that. Since I’m not sure WHERE I made those changes, I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling the engine, but saw where that may end up causing me even more problems (not being able to re-install) - so my question is two-fold,

  1. are there any suggestions on how to find/correct my problem and

  2. is there a “safe” way of setting the engine up to work with the inches, feet, miles, etc, rather than the metrics? Thanx for any help!

Hey Instgtr-

Can you try going to Edit-> Editor Preferences-> Level Editor-> Viewports->Look and Feel-> Measure Tool Units and try changing this dropdown setting. If you still have the incorrect units, you can try uninstalling/re-installing the engine.