A new puzzle game taking place inside of a single room (demo available)

Ah, hello there subject 243 and welcome to the room. Today is a day just like the ones that came before but today is not like the ones that came before. Today is a special day, today is a day of testing and testing shall be this day. [Deep Inhale].
-The Mysterious Voice

What is Codename: Room?
Codename: Room is an experimental puzzle game largely inspired by Portal and The Stanley Parable. In it, players are placed into a single room covered with gray tiles. This room is not what it seems, however. This room can make images appear on the walls and create the illusion that you’re in a place that you’re actually not. Many things can happen in the room and it’s up to the players to decide how far they’ll go. Once players are inside the room, a mysterious voice will come in and be mysterious. He will inform the player that they’re part of an experiment that revolves around the room. The player will then have to complete several challenges that involve both platforming and puzzle-solving skills. The mysterious voice will then judge the player’s performance which will determine what ending the player gets (good, bad, or something in-between).

Who is The Mysterious Voice?
Not much is known about his identity but we know that he’s a young and reckless individual who wants to run a successful experiment. The world has always been cruel towards him and now, he wants to do something about it. He initially tries to be professional and respectful but it soon becomes apparent that he’s in way over his head. Players will learn more about The Mysterious Voice the more they play the game.

Where to download the demo?
You can download the demo from You can also follow me on Twitter for more updates or send me an email if you discover any bugs.



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