A new "Polar" Sky shader

Hi everyone!
This is my last work with the material editor: a new sky shader (for Loading Human game too)!
We wanted to have more and more variations… night and day…clouds and storm… Sun and Moon (at different phases) and of course a nice Aurora effect! :slight_smile: (LH 1 will take place in Antarctica after all)
So this is one the latest wip screenshot: we exhagerated a little, putting a lot of things together in the same scene… but it look pretty :slight_smile:
I’ll post something new on Monday.

Looks great! Would love to see a video of this, very nice work as always berna! :slight_smile:

Amazing work berna! Do you plan on using this a project of yours? Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of your projects in the future! Have a great day!

Thanks Sean!
Yes, this sky will be featured in “Loading Human”, that will be set for the most part in Antarctica :slight_smile:
Here a couple of new images, showing two different moments.
(What’s that light beam??? You’ll see in the game :slight_smile: )