A New Person’s First Post with Introduction and Question to gain Tips and Knowledge.

New Person’s First Post with Introduction and Question to gain Tips and Knowledge.

Part the first: Introductions.

Hello, I am ThatDarkClown. First time Ever using these forums, and to be honest First time user of UE4. However this is not my first account. My main account Is unable to use or even login to these forums. (I suspect that it has something to do with the linking of my game consoles account to Epic via Paragon that caused some Odd loop. But that’s not important at the moment.)

I am extremely hungry for input, information, tips, guides, links anything and everything I can get my digital paws on to further my ability to utilize UE4 for the purpose of Developing Games.

Part the Second: Getting personal.

A little about me. I am for lack of better words a bit of a nutter (eccentric) with a shaky grasp on English grammar and loose spelling capabilities.
Avid lover of Comic Books and games from an early age(Learned to spell read and write from comics and games) and after many years of gaming, I became quite jaded as consoles and games evolved. 5 years ago via an Ingame conversation with the people I associate with, while gripping about how bad the game we all were playing was.
I said the following; “How hard is it to put out a game that is not a Broken bag of S#@$ Honestly?!?!” quickly and in jest one of my Online Buddys fired back “yeah, why don’t you make one then Dude.” Challenge accepted!!

5 years of scrapping the Internet for ‘How to’ videos, written tutorials and any informational doc I could find. Taught my self how to use Modeling programs(poorly) and rendering software. (often not the way of legal method)
As I saved the money needed to officially buy the Programs and Equipment needed
(wish I knew about Blender back then let me tell you!)

Now with my Skills at a level high enough (just two points above the Garbage line) I have now started to venture into the process of building my first game.

Part the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP]: C++ and the wonders of BluePrints.

When I first Downloaded UE4 I knew only that I might have to know C++ (learning even the most basic of C++ nearly Killed me) but it did not take me long at all to discover the wonders of the Blueprint system. The first thing I found out when Playing around was, I would 100% use Blueprints as it did not make me want to chew my hair off in frustration.


With all of that overly wordy introduction out of the way.
I have a few questions for any willing to waste their time to answer.

With a RTS style top down Tower defense game, where the player point clicks where to place Towers to defend a point from AI creeps. Is it better to use C++ with blueprints or can it be done with only the use of Blueprints only (I would prefer Blueprints if possible, if not I will learn what I need to.)

With even the simplest of AI is it better to use a Blackboard and Behavior tree or just use vary simple Blueprints in the AI Controller to have them Move to a goal point after spawn, and interact(attack) Player placed obstacles before continuing to the Objective goal?

And are there any Links to docs I can easily find to help me figure out what else I should be doing, or to fix something I have done Wrong??(everything I have been doing is the wrong way I am willing to bet)

Any tips for a extremely Low level Noob to avoid mistakes made in the past?

Was this the right section to post this?

Thanks for taking the time to be bothered by this. And I am sorry.

  • That One Clown-

I’m a bit in a hurry so I will answer very briefly. You can do everything in blueprints, especially if it’s a rather simple game. I do everything in Blueprints. :slight_smile:

You should check the RTS game in the content examples or tutorials in the launcher (don’t remember where exactly it is). It is about creating a simple tower defense game as far as I remember. Also check the community section in the Forum, there is some free AI and RTS examples.

And otherwise, just go to Youtube and watch some tutorials on how to create your first basic AI, rts controller, damage function, etc. It helps a lot to get an understanding on how the basics of UE4 work, and also help you to start building your game base.

A tip for a beginner, before you start building a game, create a complete concept. You can of course just play around in UE4 to learn it (like making a little shooter game or Tower Defense), but if you want to really build something you need a concept. Otherwise you will waste too much time changing things and working on stuff that you don’t really need in the end.