A New Mobile Trading Card Game - Project Showcase!

Good evening to all fellow Developer who are willing to create a card game,

in this showcase we will tell you about our not even touched game, which has not started yet, because of our lacking programming skills. But maybe you will show some interest in it.

Simply said, it is a Trading Card Game (TGC) which is inspired by “Animation Throwdown”, an mobile card game, available on android and iOS.
The game is about our planned Animation Series on Youtube, which is also inspired by “■■■■ Figures”. SO basically it’s about Stick Figures (FSK 16).
We are still in the beginning of our development and now we will present you our main ideas of the game:

-Main Ideas:

  1. A online Trading Card Game, where you can upgrade your cards against some in game money.
  2. PvE and PvP against everyone world wide.
  3. To upgrade more rare cards, you have to collect Part-Items aswell, to upgrade them successfully.
  4. In-Game events (f.e. Christmas): where you are able to collect seasonal and rare cards, which are adjusted to the given event, which are also only collectable in the given event.
  5. Chemistry-System: Some Cards are working better and stronger when combined with other cards in game. (combination system)
  6. In-Game Raids: Defeat levels and bosses with your accompany or alone, to get more and rare loot
  7. Different Designs of the Card edges depending on the rarity (the higher the rarity, the more Live-Animations or Special effects when the card is used)
  8. Some special cards with the same amount of levels are able to combine themselves to be even more stronger.

However, we only have these Ideas + even more, but we aren’t capable to develop it, 'cause of our lacking experience.
If you want to help us create the best trading card game in a long time, just contact us via Discord for more information or your agreement: Pyrus#6845

the given pictures are not final and are just a rough illustration of what the cards could look like (animations not included)

So If you are having fun doing something like that, have knowledge and endurance, and aswell Teamwork, fell free to contact us:
Pyrus#6845 on Discord!