A new game.

Hello guys. I’m Davide and I’m working on a mine project on Unreal Engine. I know some progamming language like C++, java and SQL.
The game that I’m trying to build will be an MMORPG based.

What I’m looking for?
I’m looking for somebody that could help me to understand how the game will be, like the story, the setting and if you have an idea of something that you never found on a mmorpg I’ll be glad to head you and speak about that.
I’m looking for a 3D Modeler to make characters, NPCs.
I’m looking for a Level Designer.

Will you be paid?
No, or better, right now you won’t be payed BUT if the game will be launched and we will have profit, yeah, you will be paid.
If you are a 3D Modeler or a Level Designer and you need something from the marketplace or from otehr places and we have to pay it, I’ll pay it.

I would be happy to start a big adventure on this.
If you want more info send me a PM.

If you are willing to take the writer as serious as the 3D Modeling/Level Design in this massive project, drop me a line. Offering something up front would be a boon in gaining a partner for this grand journey.

Great idea.
But if it is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, you are not just need a 3D Modeler or a Level Designer. You need Massively:cool:

Bring this on the top!

Are you only looking a for 3D modelers and level Designers?

Hello, what can you do? Maybe you know doing stuff that I think could be usefull.