A new "free" subsection to allow user-submitted free assets in the marketplace

Dear Epic marketplace team,

Can we have a new subsection under the “free” category in the marketplace, where to users can submit free assets?

The unity marketplace allows for free assets and it’s a great help for the indie devs, so it would be great if we could submit free assets directly to the marketplace as well.
Of course the assets would need to go through a quality check first, to ensure they are not broken.

Thank you for the consideration!


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Thanks for the feedback. There are times that we allow products to be made available for free. If a seller wants to contact us to offer a product for free, we’re happy to consider it. That’s almost always going to be from an established seller, and we’ll apply the same review standards as we do for paid products.
We might open things up even further in the future, but for now, the best starting place is to create a support ticket and start the conversation.


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Thank you Josh for the answer, that’s sounds good. :smiley: