A new Ark map but ...

Hi guys,

I will make a new map, but I’m a begginer and there are 0 information of How I Can start it. I tried to learn tutorials of landscape, water … but i don’t know blueprints, levels or anything else.

Anyone of here can tell me a great guide of how make a map? Thanks and sorry for my language. I’m spanish and i try to do my best here ^^

There really isnt any guide for blueprinting specifically. Your best chance is to open the Island map (the small one) and review the blueprints already made (since you will be using them for your own map) and try to get an understanding of how they work visually. With that said, its c++ code turned into a visual “map”. That means no one can just tell you how it works, its c++. Your going to have to take some time to learn how it works and what goes where.