A need of advice

Hey everyone.

I have a problem,its going to be long,but please bear with me >_<
My dream is to become a game dev, and make my own games,with my own team,thus i want to enter a good gaming company,which there isn’t any in my country,and of course i need a good amount of experience and a portfolio.
I have been meddling in UE4 for a while,and i found that i like mostly to craft models and create environments,i do enjoy using the blueprints,and thinking logically,but i always found myself rushing into building the levels and other objects.
The problem is,that there isn’t a good school here that teaches a proper 3D art for games,and even more,there are barely any jobs for this kind of profession here,and althrough there are some jobs for game dev that are popping up,they are mainly unity casual phone games…

Well,i need help,i really dont know what to do now,until i stumbled into ue4 and started making things,i was set into getting a computer science degree,but i believe that i will fit more in the 3D art although my affection to the logistic thinking with code.
Is it really important to get a good certificate in order to fit in the art roles in the industry? especially if im aiming for different countries?
And is it better to learn about 3D art in some sort of a school that teaches on the net if the schools here dont really offer a good education material altrough they offer a certificate(not a degree)?
Should i just get an overall degree for arts in the university?

In the end i think that if i wont find something good ill just go for computer science…

Im sorry for dropping this here,but i dont have anyone with the same goals as me to console with,so im asking you guys for an advice,because im really stuck here,i want to make games,to give people that joy that i feel when i play,im just afraid that i will make the wrong decisions…

Thanks for reading my long post :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of learning materials to be able to learn on your own without having to go to school, but from what I’ve heard from other international artists, you need a degree to be able to work in another country as far as visas are concerned.

Sorry for my ignorance,but what kind of degree will suffice?(for art related jobs) the only one that i know that relate to this subject is an overall art degree,and in the institutions here (at least the ones that i read about their educational plan) didn’t contain any 3D artwork of any kind.

I’m not sure, depending on where you want to go you would have to check how to get a visa

Alright, thanks