A movable Volumetric Cloud masked with a Box Mesh?

Hey guys!
So I’ve been playing around with the new Volumetric Cloud Component and I’ve been wondering how to achieve a specific effect.
Right now, when you create a Volumetric Cloud component it creates an infinitely wide layer connected to the Sky Atmosphere mesh. You can mask and paint it with some of the stuff from the Volumetrics plugin, but once you masked them out, you can’t really move them out of the volumetric clouds layer - if I wanted to keep all the clouds up in the sky but place one right on the ground, I can’t really find a way to achieve it.
You can create a cube and assign a volume material to it ([Create nice and feasible volumetric cloud in Unreal Engine 4 | UE4之制作高端霸气的干冰体积雾 | Asher.GG](https://Tutorial Here)), but that uses the Exponential Height Fog component, which is it differently than the Volumetric Clouds one.
I was wondering if there’s a way to assign a volume material to an Object Mask this way, but for it to instead use the Volumetric Cloud shading.
Thanks in advance for any advice with this!