A more straightforward workflow for simple modelling and texturing (baking)

Hello guys,

I have a workflow - I get .3DS file, I edit it, export it to UV Layout as obj, Import it back to 3DS, it asks me to do rename, do materials (multi/sub object materials), bake for DDO ID map, then export to xnormal (It’s like 100% faster, in 3DS I have to manually place export path for every bake or something), then import to Quixel, (import a diffrent OBJ with different rotation, because quixel rotates models 90 degress). Then I can import to UE4 a modified FBX (final one).

Jesus guys. The amount of clicking required is brutal. Import, export, import, export. I am sick of it. And then in 3DS I try to do a simple bevel, and 3DS max bevels terribly, and that puts the finakl nail into the coffin. I want out. I am searching for a simple program, that has a function to actually remember last exported folder! Not like in 3DS max that doesn’t even have favorites folder, so I have to click through all the folders all the time. Etc etc.

Is there some simplier workflow? Is there an application that just lets me do this faster?


Really? That is quite a workflow you have

I have maya, model hp/lp > UV internally both Texture and lightmaps > bake internally (normal, AO and cavity) > transfer to substance painter (via FBX) if a complex texture is required (again you can bake all maps within painter if needed) then export maps, this is automatically picked up by UE4. Maya you can save work folders and projects so you don’t need to pick up on it every time too.

Things that need sculpting I will transfer between Maya / Zbrush with Obj until I am happy with HP.

In 3DsMax, my workflow is:
-Make the model
-Add UVW unwrappers for texture and lightmap
-Render out UV template texture (if required)
-Click on “export”.

Is there a reason you use 3DS files instead of max files?

Hmm I dont see anything wrong with the max beveling tool. Whats terrible about it?

I put a shortcut to my folder of choice in the max default export folder.
So, one click and im there…

Thanks for the replies guys. I am going to give max a shot again. Actually I get it in .max. When it comes to unwrapping, I am just extremely used to Headus UV Layout, it’s a great tool for doing clean UV.
I have found this script: [ 3dsMax <> UVLayout ] UVPipe mod by miauu | ScriptSpot
Maybe that’s going to help me with the workflow. I am going to check the default folder options for sure.
When it comes to beveling, a meant chamfering. In the edge mode, max is giving me weird vertex positions on 90° angles.