A Message To Tim Sweeney About UT 4

when I was a teenager I used to play UT 99.
I was the proud owner of a UT 99 GOTY edition.
It was the time where ISDN just replaced the 56K modem and the first DSL lines came up. As a newbie and a constantly busy phone line, you didn’t notice the 350 ping at first.
Only weeks or months later, when you met again in mIRC for gaming, you knew how important a good ping is and a small clock next to the screen to time the shield every 55 seconds…

Tim, I know that Fortnite is an economic boom for Epic.
But are you sure that UT 4 can be left behind?
After all, “Unreal” is the game that brought the big success.
Even your good engine is called “Unreal” engine.
Unreal is Epic’s foundation.
And i still remember the good times, when we played Unreal on a 3DFX Voodo 2 graphics card…

That’s why I don’t understand why you don’t care about the further production of UT 4. Don’t do the same as Valve is doing with Half Life 3…

Epic is doing well, you have the possibilities to set up a new UT team and then actively build UT 4. After all, we older people have to show the younger generation what “true” e-Sports is :wink: And true e-sports was UT 99 and UT 2003.



Dear Mr. Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games.

I would like to use this very thread made by gentleman Gazu as I cannot find a more suitable place to address my appeal directly to You. Though I am coming from a role of a Game Designer, and my focus is the game called Paragon.

But, first, I want to inform You that I myself didn’t make a single video game ( yet ), all I did is took some online courses. So I want it to be clear from whom actually this appeal is coming from. And I am afraid not familiar with Unreal Tournament. I also want this to be clear as well. But I played Paragon. Thus familiar with it.

As I didn’t make a single video game, for me Paragon is the golden once in a lifetime opportunity to make it to the industry of video games. And the fact that this game was cancelled will be a strong point in my CV/Resume in case of its successful revival.

Over the period of all this “post-cancellation” time I had and have various game design related changes/ideas that popping in my head. I strongly believe that it is possible to make a “dead” game rise and shine in all it’s excellent glory. As potential is truly Epic.

Thus, I ask you to consider to continue the development of Paragon and give me the opportunity to break into video game industry.

I would like to think that I will also manage to come up with ideas that will contribute the development of the game of Your very own - the Unreal Tournament. But, as I mentioned previously, I am not (yet) familiar with it, and my head is simple “stuck” and busy with ideas for Paragon.

Thank you for taking time to read this, Mr. Sweeney. I respect whatever decision You will make.

And may it be Epic.

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I started my game development career when UT 1 came out. Actually UT 1 got me so excite and it led me to the game development. Ever since then, Epic has guided me the vision and UT has always been big part of it.

Recently, UE5 preview released and it got me so excited, close to the shock when I first saw UT 1. UE5 will be a game changer without questions. If there is one thing I really want to see before I retire, it is to witness UT comes back to life, live and kicking. Timingwise, it can’t be more perfect. I believe it’ll be a testimony of your dedication and you haven’t forgotten the old legacy.

Best wishes for everyone.

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This could be awesome I’m on it. Is/are Jazz Jackrabbit gonna be in metaverse too? Jazz Jackrabbit series(i’m obssessed with it-I cannot stop talking about it-it was part of my childhood-totally being fascinated-I just love it)since estimate circa Anno Domini of year of 2002 in the the past,in the present,in the future I would love to revive Dean Dodrill’s and introduce it Epic Games,CCP,People Can Fly,Tencent brand new audience new generation of players across the globe digitally fascinated with brand new indie game genre Fortnite Battle Royale. Please forgive me interruption I made my personal,methal health own research I might be struggling with OCD,ADHD,Schizophrenia,possibly Parkinson,Neurotism,Poor eyes sight. I and user Delacroix are interested to finish longly awaited Jazz Jackrabbit sequel. Who would be in-game aparition Huateng aparition? Inspired by Super Mario 64 easter egg. I would be highly excited and really fascinated to see it for Google Stadia PC streaming service,modern Mobile phones,Microsoft Xbox Series X,Sony Playstation 5,Nintendo Switch and also available on PC Epic Games digital Storefront. I think it’s time for Epic Games renaissance era time has come it’s about time after so many years. I would love to buy such game ship such product finished by me and user Delacroix(we are both interested in this very old indie game project) to finish unofficial patch made by user Clover/JazzGruff if only Epic Games’ CEO and founder lawyers never gonna give me money penalty,accuse me of NDA,DMCA,copyrights infridgement. Please I would love to take this job? I would port unfinished,cancelled JJ3D to Unreal 1995 Tech Demo even in Unreal Engine 1 final build from 1998. Maybe we could even remake/reboot classic series of Jill of the Jungle series in 3D. Nowadays. These days sir. Jazz Jackrabbit videogame series are such ancient game project. I heard rumors about Samus Aran,Sonic the Hedgehog in Fortnite,Fortnite the movie rumors,Fortnite characters in Super Smash Bros.,but not Ultimate Edition series. In the past I heard obscure facts from jazz2online forum/server,but about Jazz Jackrabbit cartoon series in the past it was planned,but idea never came into fruition possibly in 1997 or 1998. Years before brand new indie game genre of Battle Royale became popular mainstream media phenomenon. Back then Arcade machines were popular nowadays it’s retro,nostalgic,time dilative dilation trip casual gaming. Back then Beat ’Em Up genre of videogames were popular nowadays it’s mobile games and VR games. Warner Bros.’s Space Jam A New Legacy movie critics reviewed it as opinion of being similar reference to Ready Player One. VR Chat like. In era of cross-play platforming. So many years have passed. I think it’s worth to wait. When would we start digital contract with Epic Games? Remake/reboot of Unreal/Tournament/Championship series should be also considered to be revived in the future speaking of old school arena shooters. It could be great to ship that videogames digitally even during Covid-19 pandemy outbreak. I would to participate in these game projects of old IP titles.

Think quickly,faster sir I don’t time to wait when you will decide sir. I’m waiting and I’m outta here. Let’s hope I’m not wasting my precious time here in this very forum. I think Jazz Jackrabbit series are always gonna be nieche genre according to Old Unreal Forum members. I don’t wanna wait several eons for that. Waiting will make me feel way too much bored. I want to do it right there and now. All I need is just quick decision. I won’t be waiting forever.

What got me into unreal engine was my hatred for fortnite, and how the developers didn’t care. The game lost everything it had for the sake of a cash grab. I wanted to make a game better than it, in every way. Don’t bring back UT, you’ll ruin it too

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I miss old Epic. I detest the new Epic. I hate Tencent. and I loathe Fortnite.

Wish I had a time machine.


I am also schizophrenically paranoid. New World Order(science-fiction cyberpunk becoming reality) stuff.

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