A Mental Asylum

Hi Guys,

So I have been messing around with UE4 the past couple of weeks and have decided to make a small little scene. I don’t have any pictures to share yet but will be uploading a few WIP picture and videos soon but I thought I might as well let the community know. Also I came up with a small story for my project I feel that it help when creating a small environment to come up with a small story so you can thinking about why a certain object is placed where there and why its there.

Small Story Synosis
A mad scientist has managed to take over a mental asylum and is performing heinous experiments on the patients so he can summon his demon lord.

I know pretty basic but I’m not planning a game here so stay tuned for some pictures and video :smiley:

Quick update this was my day one would be awesome if you watch the video. I pretty much just block out the environment and get some basic light done. I will try and post up some pictures when I get the time.

Also feel free to ask any questions Ill try and answer them to the best of my knowledge :smiley:

Hey guys got another update for you guys so yeah here is part 02 this time I was working in substance to create one of the textures to go inside The Asylum hope you enjoy (also this was like one of the first times ever I really used substance)