A LOT of quesiton on networking

Hey everyone…

Can anybody explain to me how the networking works? And how to create a server for my game?

I read all pages on the wiki on “networking” and learned some interesting stuff, but I don’t really know how to implement them… I see that there are

function_Validate() and function_Implementation but I just don’t get it how to make it work…

Like I have create shooting for my game, and if I shoot from the server side to my client, the client dies, but if I shoot from client to server, the server character doesn’t die. I just don’t know how to make it work… or the sprinting. The server side sprints, but the client one doesn’t…

Also when I pickup items from the ground, they dissapear from the server, but stay in the client side… How do I make when a player picks it up it dissapears in all clients?

Sorry this may have been asked several times but I didn’t find anything.

I would start by looking at the FirstShooterGame that you can dowload from the Unreal launcher (in the Learn section). All the code needed to create a C++ networked game is there. If you want to do it via blueprint, have you looked at the tutorial serie on replication?

Are you meant to be able to open this up as a project in visual studio?

I didnt see a sln file and in the Editor there was no Open in Visual Studio menue option like i have in other projects.

Well the thing is, I don’t understand the code from ShooterGame at all… I mean… I don’t know what I need to write first, then the second and third… I tried looking at the code, but it is a total mess for me… There are 20 functions…

Like: There are 2 projects in the ShooterGameExample right? one for menu and one for the game. How do I make the project for the menu and what and where do I have to put everything to work…

@ those replication series, gotta check them out now!

Fredrum: Once you have downloaded the project, right click on the uproject and select “Generate Visual Studio project files”.

OzoneBG: You should double check that you flagged your object as replicated. It’s the UProperty bReplicates in Actor.h. That might explain the discrepancy you see.