A little scene i made

Inspired by the subway reflection level, i decided to make my own.

Looks great, were all those textures yours? I’ve been waiting for Epic’s release ever-so patiently, yours looks amazing though!

The textures and meshes is from the reflection level, you can download them from the marketplace.

Thats great work.

Excellent scene, great atmosphere!

Great work love it

Deserves an applause, amazing job!

Very good use of the assets !

I’m working on a similar project, but with a metro station setting. :slight_smile:

Amazing! Is awesome this level.

It’s reminding me on a subway station of May Payne 1 somehow. Like a deja-vu but with much better graphics! Very well done!

Thanks for the comments, glad you like it :slight_smile:

I think the ceiling light is too bright considering the gritty surroundings, other than that, nice atmosphere, don’t wanna be alone down there in a horror game :eek: