a little problem with network and widget

hey so i got a little project and in the project i have a TV i want the TV to show videos from youtube and i got it all covered already in singel player but if im puting it on dedicated server it not showing the other player that the screeמ is showing something, its like they both in a singel player mode.

thats my Screen blueprints

and thats my player controller blueprints

anyone please?



UI Widgets can only be created and existing in Clients.
Makes no sense network replicated code for Widgets.

so there is no way of doing what i want to do?

UI code must be entirely Client side.
UI code must never contain gameplay logic.
UI code must never affect gameplay property containers directly.

You can of course ignore all the above, but in every game engine out there those rules apply.
Once you begin derailing from those simple rules above, you hurt your own project and quickly reach convoluted/confused interface code, like screenshots above.

When dealing with UI, I pretend that its entities are some kind of “spectator”; and I develop it to act accordingly.
The only intrusive they should do is generate input events for their relevant gameplay entities, like telling Pawn a skill button was pressed then pawn decide what to do with that event.
If that confuses you, try to build the game first… Add UI last, only after gameplay is solid.