A little lost in 3d side scrolling

Hello forum! I’m new to UE4, and I cant seem to find a tutorial on side scrollers anywhere, so I loaded up the side-scroller template, and I noticed that the areas you can walk on are colored blue, and the ones you can not are just the usual white. I’m assuming this means those blocks have special properties locking your character to them. However, when I’m looking at their settings, they appear to be no different than the normal ones. I have zero coding experience and would prefer to stick completely with blueprint mode. Can anyone help me out here? Is it the blocks, or the character that I need to change? Just for reference I’m going to attempt to make a smash bros clone. Any help would be appreciated, as I’m still learning the basics of the engine.


Normally it should work the same as with normal meshes -> the blocks that you can walk on are mostly in the foreground and the decoration meshes in the background :slight_smile: So you will have to add a collision to your mesh (double click on the mesh - collision - choose one) and then place it

It should work normally .

Do i need to be using a particular type of brush? Double-clicking does nothing for me.

Oh you are using a brush -> it should already have a collision :slight_smile: Otherwise convert it to a mesh -> details panel -> convert to mesh (when I’m at home I will check if it works with bsp brushes)

Hello mate. The looks of the brush does not matter. When you drag a brush into your level, just play around with collision settings on the details panel until you get it to work the way you want. So click on the brush and then look for details panel on the right side of viewport. There you will have collision settings and other stuff. Once you have the brush working the way you want, you can just copy it by holding alt+dragging the brush by the drag widget.
If you are importing static meshes from another program, collision should be generated by default. You can change it by going to the static mesh tab. To do that you double click on your mesh.

Also you should watch some tutorials. Just enter unreal engine 4 collision on youtube. Mister fighter5347 has a lot of nice tutorials on his youtube channel too. Good luck!