A little help with collisions

Hi guys

first time posting on this Forum.

I’m working on a big archviz project: it’s a plot with 3 towers. Each tower has a glass lobby at ground floor and I need them to be explorable.

I have 2 kinds of glass material instance: a clear glass and a more reflective glass.
I want the lobby glass to be reflective when I’m outside and clear when I get inside. I managed to do this with a simple Trigger Volume and it works fine with Tower 1 (which has a rectangular shaped lobby)

However, Tower 2 has a much more complex lobby, as you can see in the attached picture. Using a lot of Trigger Volumes to reproduce the shape doesn’t look a good way to proceed (I also would get EndOverlap events when going from a volume to the other)

This is what I tried:

BluePrint Actor with a Static Mesh with Trigger collision. Static Mesh has “use complex collision as simple”

Test A - 1 static mesh as a single mesh. It doesn’t work because, as I found later, it has to be Convex.
Test B - 1 static mesh as multiple boxes. Every box is convex so this works when the player is entering the mesh (I see the glass becoming clear), but as soon as the player is inside, the glass gets back to the reflective one. It looks like it is an EndOverlap for the engine.

I would really appreciate any hints about this!

Sorry for the long post.
Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi, I’m not sure if I understand your questions. So I try my best.

Glass: polygons in unreal are one sided. So you can have a glass pane with 2 sides and 2 materials: reflecting on the outside and clear on the inside. No need to trigger that unless there is another reason for it.

Collision: Use complex as simple is a good choice for a building where the geometry of the building would be too complex to make a collision model for it. It’s also not a problem in arch viz anyway as you do not have guns shooting shrapnel around with complex collision calculations. So just set anything complex to that and add simple collision only for couches, tables, etc or stuff where it is easy. Again: no need to trigger anything. Collision can be set permanently for the object in the mesh browser.