A little fun with vector fields.....

I’ve been making and utilizing custom vector fields from Maya to use with gpu particles a lot lately and it’s turning out to be loads of fun. As an example, and just for fun, here’s a vector field “drawing” a familiar shape:

You can see there’s plenty of “leakage” around the basic path…some of this could probably be solved with a higher resolution field and some more adjustments to the volume curve field in Maya.

Anyway, kinda fun and shows some unique possibilities with vector fields

Here’s the same setup with a rotation rate module applied…you can start to see the star shape come out a few times while producing some interesting patterns.

Vector fields seems incredibly useful. Looking good!

Superb work cccprobot! I would love to see these vector fields implemented into into a project later on down the road. Keep up the great work and have a great day!

Can you help me with getting that working on my blood vessel demo? It would be killer to make particles behave like this. I know GPU particles don’t support Meshes yet, but I want to be ready when they do (Niagra).

By help, I mean answer some questions about Maya setup.

Sure man! check your PMs…

Thanks Sean! The star really was just for fun, but it does prove possibility…I just submitted an effects pack to the Marketplace with some other custom vector fields so maybe they WILL show up in somebody’s project some day! :cool:

They really are and thanks!!