A little FPS level...


Im currently building a little test level for some blueprints that I want to make.
So I thought, why not share with the community for input :slight_smile:

A playable build can be downloaded here: -----File dropper link somehow expired-----

Any feedback about the level design is appreciated :smiley:

However keep in mind that it is nowhere from being finished. Im actually still in an early block-out phase.
And dont mind the different colorings. These are just some reminders for myself :slight_smile:

Im curious to hear your opinions…


Download : -----File dropper link somehow expired-----

Here is a new version. I have worked a bit on the meshes to avoid shadow seams.
Although some are still there. Ill probably make a final pass later.
Let me know if you catch an especially ugly one :slight_smile:

Also there is now some pickup gameplay…
And here is something that you guys actually could test:
Sometimes the overlap event that triggers the pickup to be picked up seems to fire twice (in rare cases even three or more times) for the same pickup.
Of course this gives the player then twice the amount, so … not good.
It seems to happen sporadically…

Oh, and dont bother looking for ammo. There is none. 10 shots is all you got :slight_smile:


And here is another update on my progress. (See also last post).

The new download link: -----File dropper link somehow expired-----


And again another update on my progress :slight_smile:
(See also last post).

The new download link:


It is definitively a interesting choice of design, though I just feel as if there aren’t enough routes to take. I feel like I had to walk forever just to get too the other side of a hallway. The roof part is also a little meh, especially the part where it goes down slightly. I just don’t feel like this is made for a FPS game. Id recommend you play a little bit of battlefield and the likes and just try and study what it is they do to make the gameplay flow and look nice. I personally feel this is the best way to sort of find out what works and what doesnt.

Other than that, great work.

If he talks to an AAA FPS such as battlefield, and such. it will not fit to it, but as you know there is many kinds of FPS’s, such as Survival Sandbox, Trilogy and such.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Yeah, its still in blocking phase. The will be more connections underground. Also there are no gameplay elements yet which close off/unlock certain parts of the map.
I just reworked the meshes a bit to improve shading and getting rid of shadow seams.
See the first post above for a link to the latest version. (There is actually something to test now :slight_smile: )

What I had a bit in mind was a “traditional” singleplayer map like Doom E1M2 and such… :slight_smile:

can you add screenshoots or video?

Video takes a bit of time, but here are some screenshots. :slight_smile:
They are not showing everything though…







HeyHey :slight_smile:

In the last two weeks I could make some progress on my little map project.
I worked further on blocking and mesh seams and started to set up some material functions and testing them on a few meshes.
Also there is now some landscape. Although only roughly sculped (still) and not layer painted (yet).

The download link is updated in the first post.
Again: Any feedback is appreciated. :smiley:




I made another pass over the level.
This time, I made some initial (propper) unwrapping of some meshes. Not all UVs are aligned as they should and the textures might still lack some variation. But that will come in future revisions.
I just wanted to move away from the monochrome prototyping materials.

I dont think that Ill do much more blocking/expanding. Otherwise the level would never get finished.

As usual, the download link in the first post is updated.
Try it out :slight_smile:
Happy testing and please let me know if you expirience any lag or other performance issues or bugs…




Really impressive on seeing how the map started from being textureless with no landscape to a more detailed map :smiley:
A Skybox would be nice to see on a map like this.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes. Small steps, but eventually they will get one there…

That is sure to come. Im just still resisting the temptation to keep lighting build times within reasonable bounds.
For the same reason, I already considered to move the landscapes to a different level and unload it for build iterations on the meshes.
If I decide to do that, the Skybox also would go there (and fog and such).
There seems to be no other way to explicitly exclude expensive items from lightmass calculations.
At the moment Im unwrapping meshes. When that gets all to boring, I may tackle that :slight_smile:

I believe there is an option for lights to set the influence on indirect lighting. It is a slider and not really an on/off. Setting it to 0 may keep it from being lightmassed, but I’m not sure.