A little bug in equip/unequip weapon in my bp

first this is the screenshot for the nodes that i have problem with


I’v set the rifle and the pistol hidden whith the event begin play
if i do it like this after i press play: Normal mode (unarmed) —» equip rifle —» unequip rifle —» equip pistol —» unequip pistol or the reverse (equip/unequip pistol then the rifle) everything is still ok
but when i do it like this Normal mode —» equip rifle —» equip pistol —» unequip pistol still everything works until now but after i unequiped the the pistol i can re-equip it again but i can’t equip the rifle unless i press the button another time and the same thing with the reverse.

I hope you understood me because it’s a little bit hard to explain.