A little advice on texturing buildings

Hi. How do I texture large buildings like this?

I’m using substance painter for texturing. Normally, I use single or multiple texture sets for game props. But for buildings, should I use single/multiple texture sets or should I use tiling textures like concrete, bricks etc. My project is a FPS, so, if I"m using texture sets, I have to create at least 4096x4096 textures, right? What is the best approach? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Also, what approach the game companies using to texture buildings like in cyberpunk, COD etc?

Best way would be trim sheets. This video explains it preety good :slight_smile:

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At the same time, you need to keep strict texel density when creating the UVs.
And plan ahead for light bakes too.

Personally, I make smaller modular pieces, and later on use actor merge, or merge manually in a DCC app.
if all the objects use the same texture, merging/joining doesn’t change a thing (but improves performance possibly by reducing drawcalls).

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Thank you guys.

Trim sheets are also known as texture atlas. Easier Google search

As well