A list of how to's

I’m just getting started with Unreal, so I figured now would be the best time to start documenting things I discover along the way for myself and for others. Right now I’m more aware of the little things a vet might not think about that make a big difference to a noobie.

Anyway, tossed up some images for several things that took a minute to figure out and will continue to do so.
I’ll keep re-posting this with a list of new content as I go.
Hope it helps someone.
You guys have been great and certainly helped me.

Getting lighting to see everything
converting brush objects to meshes
applying collision to a new mesh
moving vertex points on brush objects

These are just visual snippets on how to do these things and would not remotely qualify as tutorials. :wink:

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This looks like the start of something good…I’m looking forward to seeing how this expands.


I was just starting to slack and you re-motivated me :slight_smile:

****. Didnt even know until now that you can convert brush objects into meshes!

Prototyping just got so much easier

how didn’t we notice this before ? :rolleyes: