a List of ark mods?

Hi guys, i was wondering if there is a list of ark mods?
I want to join a team making one, and am wondering how i can look for a team.

We are looking for more modders to join in on Canna-Ark if you are interested! We do expect a basic understanding of the dev kit, but beyond that we are more than happy to teach you, and have you teach us what you know. Communication is a big must, and so is passion :smiley:

If this is something you are interested in, feel free to shoot me a pm, and we can talk more.

As for your first question, there isn’t a list currently that I know of beyond simply just using the workshop as a list.


Modders for Canna-Ark

Afternoon Sinari,

I am very interested in helping with creating a mod for Ark. I am very comfortable with the Unreal 4 engine but always looking to learn new things. Would love to chat and see how I could be of assistance!


A list of Ark mods is here Steam Community :: ARK: Survival Evolved
Unless you are asking is there a list somewhere that shows mods in development so you can pick one to try and join? If you just trying to find a team to work with then this forum will get some attention but you could always just look at each mod find the team and friend one of them or all and ask to join. By the way Sinari has cool mods

Sinari has some AMAZING mods!!! I can definitely imagine that the competition will create a little bit of trouble for getting a team though.

Thanks Az, but so do you and many others :stuck_out_tongue:

As of right now Canna-Ark is in hiatus due to the contest. After the contest is over though, if you still are interested & looking for a team, we would love to have you on board for Canna-Ark :slight_smile:

what are u looking for cause i can pretty much do it all have u got a teamspeak?