A:Link - Art Outsource Studio


My name is Ljubomir Papuga and I represent A:Link, an outsourcing studio located in Europe.

Our **website **is available here:

You can **contact **us at:

Our company takes game art outsourcing of various divisions to the next level, by utilizing flexible teams, effective distributed development methods and a modular approach to game design and production. Whether you only need a few assets, a whole division or an entire game art outsourced, we’ll make sure to provide the best quality service possible!

We provide services worldwide, with written and spoken English for ease of communication.

Our scope of services in a nutshell:

  • 3D Modeling of all types, including high-res and low-poly for Game
  • 3D Modeling (high and lowpoly) for Visualization Software
  • High quality texturing in all styles, including realist, stylized or cartoony
  • 3D Animation, MOCAP and adaptation of MOCAP to game environments
  • 2D Animation for 2D games, including Parallax backgrounds
  • 2D Art and 2D Tilesets as well as backgrounds for 2D Games
  • Optimization of assets for any platform, including consoles, handheld or web
  • Development of illustrations, environment or character concepts and more
  • Design and development of game user interfaces, application interfaces or websites
  • Parallax 2D (fake 3D) cinematics or animated banners
  • And more! See our website for examples and client information:


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