A Knight Named Sol

Hello everyone,

 A Knight Named Sol is a 3D side scroller action rpg made in Unreal Engine 4. Cruise Control Entertainment is a small studio in south Texas USA, we started development of A Knight Named Sol in February 2017. We recently launch a demo on Itch.io showing our gameplay mechanics. Please download the demo and tell us what you think. It is best played with a 360 controller. Soon we will release the story. We believe the story is a big part so we are working hard on that. Any feedback is welcomed.

link to download game: A Knight Named SOL by CruiseControlEnt

You are getting an ESRB rating on that? What are you expecting the rating to be? Was it complicated to get rated?

Yes we are getting rated by the ESRB and we will be receiving a ā€˜Eā€™ in North America and PEGI3 in Europe. Its not difficult you just have to have enough content for the Bureau to give you a response.