A&J Visualisation - RealTime Architecture Company


We are 2 French Freelance 3D Artist specialized in Architecture Visualization and this is our first project on Unreal Engine.
We use to work on the CryEngine but the licensing did not fit our company so we switched.

Here is the Demo-reel of the last projects we did, and it’s a mix of CryEngine and UnrealEngine project

We have our own website that, i hope, will help you understand better our skills and expertises :
You can find us on Facebook too :

We’ll be glad to hear any kind of feedback from the community to improve the quality of our work !
Cheers !!



If you are looking for potential work and intend to show-off your skills, you should start the thread under ‘Got skills, Looking for talent?’ section. If you want to move this thread to that section, please PM me or any other moderator.

But if you only intend to show your ArchViz work and is looking for feedbacks, lets keep it here

That being said, impressive work, especially the interiors.