A.I stop while movement

Ever since i updated to 4.13.1 the enemy A.I have hiccup while chasing me ( Moving) , everything is setup correctly like the previous version. Also i created a new Enemy, new Level and I eliminated every animation related or attach to the mesh but it keep stopping (Hiccups) while moving even with the default Unreal Engine mesh any idea why or what causing this ? no crash or error and the step for reproducing this issue is opening the previous project to a new version of the engine.

Did you try to rebuild your nav mesh?

I got it working now, apparently on “Set Timer by Function Name” node in 4.13.1 the node now stop when you set a time, in my case it stop every second, i fix this by setting 0 on the time in “Set Timer by Function Name” node and then connecting it to a " Delay " node and setting the time their.