A.I. made with blueprints.

Hey everyone, first post on here so be gentle. <3

I’ve been creating some shooter A.I. over the past few months.
Currently they have working:

Cover mechanics (working on health/ammo in clip as to how desperate that unit is to find cover, or to pursue the player)
Flank mechanics (works along side the cover mechanic and health/ammo in clip of the unit.)
Multiple weapon use, including pistols, rifles, and rocket launchers.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me posting this to the market at a low price, more for learning purposes.
I know UE4 has A.I. trees, but I never looked into those before creating this haha.

So yeah, if you think you could maybe give me some kind of idea as to what would be a good point to upload this for voting, I’d be very grateful.

Current version:

Any and all bugs will be fixed before any sort of release. Because I’m better than EA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Daverm :slight_smile:

I would need ai as well but all I would need would just a walking and running one are you planning to do that separately?

there is also great AI tutorials posted on youtube by this guy :

(I didn’t watch the mob ai tutorial, but the guard ones is pretty nice)

Is this done using behaviour trees? Because that might be interesting if it is done in a way that is configurable

Hey, no as I said above, I did not know about A.I. trees before I started making these, I only started using UE4 a few months back.

This is made using a single blueprint, I’ve just attached a video to the original post.

If it’s something people would like, I could include a few different A.I. types. :slight_smile: