A high-tier game about Code Lyoko

Hello everyone!

My name is Tim.

I get straight to the point.

I dont know how many people out there know the cartoon series called Code Lyoko. If not i explain everything important in short.

The show is taking place in 2 worlds simultaneously the real world which is animated in 2d and the digital world called lyoko animated in 3d.

4 students are fighting with an artifical inteligence called Xana.

Show is consisted from 4 seasons + 1 season called Code Lyoko evolution in which the 2d animations replaced by live action.

So basically the first 4 seasons were developed from 2003. szeptember 3. until 2007. november 10. Unfortunately the last episode was basicaly a sum up of the series nothing special.

You can imagine it was my favorite series. Then at 2013 a false glimpse of hope came called Code Lyoko evolution.

Why i wasnt satisfied with the new season you ask?

Easy because the main aspect that made the first 4 seasons unique is missing.This aspect is the 2d animation of the real world. The problem is that in evolution no characters/actors resembled their offical counterpart.

Now i wanted to make a game but i didnt know what it should be about. So i heard someone is hating the series despite he never saw it.It made me remember how great the show was. Now lets be honest here: nowadays no one is really watching cartoons but

they are playing games.

So what else would be a better way to revive the series than making a professional game about it.

What is the type of game people plays today? Fps games of course.

So my plan is to make an fps game about it.

The first part of the game would be about the 5 seasons of the show.

Then the 2nd part would got an orginal story written by us.

Any skill level is appreciated.

-story writer

-3d modeller


-3d/2d animator

-programmer(preferably ue4/c++)


-voice actors(since i got limitations because of the orignal voices from the series not everyone will be accepted)

-sound engineer

-other “smaller” roles like particle manager or level designer and so on.

I dont really know if the game have to be free to play or not so 2 options:either royalty or unpaid/donation based

If you got any questions leave a comment or contact me:

If you want to help just send an email. I reply within 12 hours(probably).

If you dont want to help but you got a friend who you think might want to help, tell them.

And if you havent yet i highly suggest you to watch Code lyoko. Its the best series of the century.

I hope a lot of people will find this interesting and decide to help.


After the first 5 seasons, before evolved was the “Ending” OF Code Lyoko called Chronicles. It was written in french and never translated until fans translated it. The second part could be about that, which I have read extensively. When It comes to story writing, Id love to help. I just finished my second watch through the series.